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EJ Olson and Nick Durheim discuss the latest in video game news, whatever tickles our retro fancies, and generally devolve into goofs and gaffs. Posted weekly on Wednesdays.

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    Ep. 43: Pokey-Man Fever

    Pokemon, Spyro, Sony, E3, and more! (These descriptions sure are getting lazy. huh?)

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    Ep. 41: Super Smashed Druthers

    You heard EJ vent with Leif on Saturday's extrasode, but now it's time for Nick to clock in and punch out some false suppositions. But also some of this stuff is still pretty uncertain and opinions are weird, man. 4 weeks left until Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

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    Ep 39: How The Grinch Stole Switchmas

    Rumors, leaks, speculation---the Grinch has it all this week. The boys talks Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the reported roster leak, Spider-Man DLC impressions, and the ill-fated Playstation Classic. (Sorry, no Red Dead Redemption, partner.)

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    Ep 37: Male Pattern Baldcast - Microsoft's Comeback, Rockstar's Controversy, Ubisoft Drama

    Through the trials and tribulations of an internet connection gone rogue, Nick and EJ somehow manage to chat a bit on Golden Sun, go into the latest Microsoft rumors to purchase Obsidian Entertainment, Microsoft and Google both announced game streaming platforms, Rockstar working its employees into the ground, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Ubisoft's ridiculous obsession with micro-transacting weird stuff, and Nintendo's newly announced Bad Limited Edition for the upcoming Diablo III port. Stay tuned for some hilarious phone-based humor.

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    Ep 36: Group Chat Disaster: Spiderman, Zelda, Nintendo Switch

    The boys chat with some Very Special Guests, Leif and Drew, and finally ramble about Spider-Man for PS4, assemble the Zelda defense force, debate what games are really about, then muse a bit about the potential for a Switch revision. We will never apologize for the audio quality, but we might apologize for how off the rails this gets. There may have been whiskey involved. We're sorry!

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    Ep. 35: What Is A JRPG?? Plus God of War, and Games We Want to Return

    It's a slow week, so the boys chat about EJ's impressions on God of War, Nick tries to define a JRPG and whether Paper Mario fits in that mold, and then to kill some time and tickle our collective nostalgia noodles, we run down some series we'd like to see revived from an undeserved dormant state. (Also just put it on the Switch dang it)

    Since y'all are lazy and we're trying to hit that sweet SEO, we discuss: Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, KOTOR, Dragon Quest Monsters, Mother, Pokemon Pinball, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Monkey Island, Golden Sun, Castle Crashers, Age of Empires, Tony Hawk, 2D Metroid, Disney Platformers (Aladdin, Tarzan, Chip n Dale, Duck Tales), Final Fantasy Tactics, Mega Man Battle Network, Dark Cloud, Wario Land

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    Ep. 32: EJ's Nintendo RAGE

    EJ loses it over Nitnendo's online service, console variants and MARIO. Nick remains as cool as a cucumber.

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    Ep. 30: Microsoft, Samurai, VR, Dead Cells, and a Chat With Developer Milo Kent-Pettit

    Join us as we talk games set in feudal Japan, 90's sass mouth dragons, the Master of Chiefs, TV goggles and their annoying ponytails, and finally our impressions of Dead Cells. Later we travel back in time to talk again with indie game developer Milo Kent-Pettit and his latest video game creation, as well as his future aspirations.

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    Ep. 27: Pre E3 Nonsense with Andrew Chavez

    EJ and Nick are joined once again by the grand gamer Andrew Chavez, and with his help, run through E3 2018 to make some soft "predictions"---because come on, everything has been leaked or teased already.

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    Ep. 25: Guests From The Backlog w/ Andrew Chavez

    EJ's traveling for work (still), so here's another episode from the backlog! This week, Andrew Chavez from The Precipice Between Two Hills podcast joins EJ and Nick to talk about money, Jeff Bezos, anime and sometimes video games. Console Crusade GO

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    Ep. 23: About Damn Time!

    The boys wanted to get together and (finally) catch up on all of the game news from the past two months, but things didn't quite go as planned (as usual). Console Crusade, GO!

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    Ep. 21: Game Awards Predictions

    The boys dive deep and cast their imaginary ballots for 2017's Game Awards. Is it Nintendo's year? Or can Sony and Microsoft make themselves a presence? Listen to Nick and EJ wax over a list of games they've never played!

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    Ep. 19: Nintendo Classic Speculation

    The boys talk EA, Star Wars, flippin LOOT BOXES and of course, Nintendo. Let the classic edition speculation begin!

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    The La Croix Boix are back, talking Nintendo Switch, Gamestop and Amazon Retro Zone. EJ and Nick also discuss which franchises they want to come to their beloved Nintendo platform---more games that EJ will never finish!

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    Ep. 14: 5th Generation Console Musings

    It's been another long hiatus (the boys will be releasing again consistently this autumn!) but they're finally back with some rumblings and ramblings, choppin' it up over their nostalgia for the N64 and PSOne. Croc is the GOAT---stay out our mentions!

    Special Guest: Trever Chaffe.

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    Ep. 13: Remixed and Remastered

    The announcement of an impending video game remaster is almost always met with a collective sigh, but EJ and Nick ramble about even more they'd like to see. SPY-RO! SPY-RO!

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    Ep. 12: E3 Breakdown---Better Late Than Never!

    The gaming press event of the year has blown past us, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about it way too much? We watched 'em so you don't have to, but this isn't a summary - it's a veritable dissertation on all the best (and worst) of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 brother!

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    Ep. 11: We're Back! E3 Predictions and SNES Classic

    EJ and Nick are back after an interminable hiatus, and after a not-so-quick catching up with some "retro" pickups we've acquired, we dive into E3. Sure, it seems a bit late for that, but that's how we operate! Hear us ramble about EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo - and haphazardly cobble together our idea of an SNES Classic. We're back!

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    Ep. 10: First Impressions - The Legend of Zelda and the Nintendo Switch

    It's been a few weeks since the Nintendo Switch launched, but the boys haven't had any time to record in between all of the Zelda they've been playing, and all of the Zelda they've been playing. Come listen to EJ and Nick articulate themselves as well as a couple of bumbling Bokoblins!

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    EJ and Nick exercise their adept proclivity to dwell on the esoteric---AKA they bullshit about memes for way too long. Maybe they talk about the Switch, maybe they wax philosophical and debate the necessity of graphical powerhouses, but they definitely miss the other's point completely and make themselves sound like idiots. Tune in to another dynamite episode!

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    Ep. 8: Dream Marvel Games

    Esteemed lord of the geeks, Andrew Chavez, swears fealty to the Console Crusade before breaking down Marvel's most recent game announcements. He and EJ go off the rails in imagining what the ultimate Marvel video game may look like; Manifold, Swordsman, Black Knight---AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

    Special Guest: Andrew Chavez.

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    Ep. 7: Rocket League, Whatever; Indie Games, Perfect - February Game News

    If there's one thing the boys do well, it's not making any sense whatsoever. This week, they tackle an all digital future, the Castlevania television series, E3, South Park, Rocket League, Nintendo, AAAAAND some other stuff. Nick eats some bread. EJ eats some bread. Who's in charge of quality control around here?

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    Ep. 6: BIG HOSS STYLE - Nintendo, Fire Emblem, Star Wars, and Retro Goodies

    It's been a few weeks, but the boys are back to muse nonsensically and talk some game news for the first week of February. EJ may sound like an 80 year old woman, but he's got the vigor of 78 year old, we assure you. Nick sounds level headed as usual, but that's only because you can't see the faces he's making. Huzzah!

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    Ep. 5: PS4 v. Xbone, Fire Emblem, Nintendo Discourse and Limited Run RAGE

    The boys have tried to keep things civil during prior discussions, but the time for etiquette has passed. EJ grows irate over Nintendo's continued ill-informed decision making, and has a few choice words for the guys over at Limited Run Games. Even the Fire Emblem Direct wasn't enough to sauce the big fella up! He tried his damndest to keep his attitude (and his mouth) in check, but even Nick isn't able to rein him in at times. THIS. IS. The...Console...Crusade?

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    Ep. 4: Developer Origin Shinfo

    Video game news has slowed to a trickle in a post Nintendo press conference world: the fellas have nothing better to do, so it's time to regurgitate some useless facts. What the hell do Cal Ripken Jr, a Trump brother and Wonder Woman have to do with each other? Hit that play button and find out!

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    Ep. 3: PB and Carrots - A Nintendo Switch Reaction

    As a couple of fellas who just can't WAIT for the Nintendo Switch, the boys spend an hour or so discussing how terrible it's going to be. They may sound angry (blame the $6 wine, dextromethorphan and Nick's questionable taste in snack food) but rest assured, they've got 7 pre-orders between the two of them. SWITCH!

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    Ep. 2: Games We Played in 2016

    2016 was a big year for video games, but the boys didn't play any of them! EJ Olson and Nick Durheim discuss their dreaded backlogs, casually discussing which titles they spent time with during the last calendar year. The Console Crusade podcast has been called many things, and lazy is definitely one of them. Don't worry, Nintendo Switch breakdown inbound!

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    Ep. 1: Nintendo Switch Rumors & Speculation

    The leaks keep leaking and the sources are as unreliable as they are believable, but these good ol' boys are full of hope and pessimism. Join EJ Olson and Nick Durheim on this debut episode of the Console Crusade podcast as they discuss the much anticipated Nintendo Switch, speculating on recent rumors as well as discussing their Switch wishlist---their Switchlists?

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