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EJ Olson and Nick Durheim discuss the latest in video game news, whatever tickles our retro fancies, and generally devolve into goofs and gaffs. Posted weekly on Wednesdays.

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    Ep 36: Group Chat Disaster: Spiderman, Zelda, Nintendo Switch

    The boys chat with some Very Special Guests, Leif and Drew, and finally ramble about Spider-Man for PS4, assemble the Zelda defense force, debate what games are really about, then muse a bit about the potential for a Switch revision. We will never apologize for the audio quality, but we might apologize for how off the rails this gets. There may have been whiskey involved. We're sorry!

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    Ep. 35: What Is A JRPG?? Plus God of War, and Games We Want to Return

    It's a slow week, so the boys chat about EJ's impressions on God of War, Nick tries to define a JRPG and whether Paper Mario fits in that mold, and then to kill some time and tickle our collective nostalgia noodles, we run down some series we'd like to see revived from an undeserved dormant state. (Also just put it on the Switch dang it)

    Since y'all are lazy and we're trying to hit that sweet SEO, we discuss: Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, KOTOR, Dragon Quest Monsters, Mother, Pokemon Pinball, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Monkey Island, Golden Sun, Castle Crashers, Age of Empires, Tony Hawk, 2D Metroid, Disney Platformers (Aladdin, Tarzan, Chip n Dale, Duck Tales), Final Fantasy Tactics, Mega Man Battle Network, Dark Cloud, Wario Land

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    Ep. 32: EJ's Nintendo RAGE

    EJ loses it over Nitnendo's online service, console variants and MARIO. Nick remains as cool as a cucumber.

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    Ep. 27: Pre E3 Nonsense with Andrew Chavez

    EJ and Nick are joined once again by the grand gamer Andrew Chavez, and with his help, run through E3 2018 to make some soft "predictions"---because come on, everything has been leaked or teased already.

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